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Holiday apartment near Adelboden in the Bernese Oberland

Getting there

By car

From Elsigbach drive along the old Adelboden road. After about 1.1 kilometers there is a holiday home to the left with blue window shutters and a prominent concrete car port. Turn steep left immediately in front of this house and after about 130 meters turn left again.

Our two parking spaces are located here, about 40 meters in front of our neighbor's farm house (Marmet family). From there you can get to the holiday apartment on foot in a few minutes (approximately 300 m).

Further details can be seen on Google Maps.

With public transport

During peak season there is a taxi bus from the train station Frutigen to Elsigbach, reservation +41 33 671 33 33. From Elsigbach you can get to the apartment on foot in about 30 minutes.

In the off-peak season take the bus Frutigen-Adelboden to the stop Hirzboden.

From here you can reach the apartment on foot in about 45 minutes.

A further convenient alternative is the efficient taxi service Bergmann which will take you from the train station Frutigen directly to the Marmet family farm house from where you can get to the apartment in a few minutes.

Phone numbers of Taxi Bergmann: +41 33 673 28 48 or +41 79 656 61 28.

Chalet during winter

General information


About how to get the house key we inform you together with the delivery of the renting documents.


The entire house is heated by a wood-burning oven centrally located in the living area. Wood is stored in front of the house. When heating, the ventilation in the balcony door must be open both inside and outside. If the fire is still not burning properly, pivot one of the hopper windows.

Electric ovens with thermostats are installed in the bathrooms as well as in the drying room in the cellar. They can be regulated according to your needs. The electric ovens must always be turned on at a minimum level in the winter. If the temperature is below freezing, the bathroom windows should only be opened for short periods—the mixer tap is very sensitive.

Please be careful with flames and candles!

Bed linen

Please bring your own bed linen and sleeping bags. Each bed is equipped with a mattress cover, a fitted sheet and a pillow with case (60 × 100 cm) and a duvet without a case (160 × 200 cm). Please use your own bed linen and leave our bed linen on the bed when you leave. Upon request you may use the bed linen belonging to the chalet for an additional CHF 15.— per bed (for your entire stay). Please let us know in advance.

Dimensions of double beds: 160 × 200 cm and 140 × 200 cm.


There is sugar and salt, otherwise there are no provisions in the kitchen. You can buy your groceries at the store in Achseten or in Adelboden. There are matches, candles and fire-proof glasses and coasters available. Please replace used candles and matches.

Cleaning utensils

Cleaning utensils for the kitchen are in the closet to the right of the sink. Since the chalet has its own sewage system, we only use biologically degradable dishwashing detergent which is at your disposal. Furthermore, we will provide you with white, color-free toilet paper as well as garbage bags.

There is a washing machine but no dish washer. You will find a vacuum cleaner, garbage bags and other cleaning utensils in the first closet in the kitchen corridor.

Garbage, compost, ashes

Please bring your garbage bags—with a valid sticker on them!—to the collection site in Elsigbach. The stickers are available at the grocery store in Achseten.

Place your compost in the container at the farm house Marmet.

Place ashes in the designated metal container in the port in front of the house.

General rules

Please take care of and respect this wonderful place!

Please do not enter the apartment without house shoes!

The entire house is a no-smoking area; pets are not allowed!

Among other items there are a few tools, two sleds as well as a grill at your disposal in the cellar.

Visitor’s tax

Please put the accounting and the money for the visitor`s tax into the designated coffer situated on the desk in the living room.


Please leave the chalet clean (vacuum cleaner) and tidy. If not agreed upon otherwise, we will take care of cleaning the oven and the final cleaning of the chalet.

  1. Please do not leave any groceries or toilet articles behind!
  2. Please let us know about any damages, broken dishes or glasses, etc., even if you are not at fault.
  3. In winter please leave the electric ovens in the bathrooms and the cellar turned on the minimum supervisory level (arrow pointing down).
  4. Turn off the refrigerator.
  5. Close all of the windows and window shutters. The latter must be securely latched (storms!).
  6. Turn off all hot plates and lights.
  7. Close the doors and hang the house key into the key safe situated in the firewood storeroom in front of the house. Afterwards please don’t forget to mix up the number combination of the safe.

If there should be any problems, please contact Mrs. Marmet or contact us directly.

We wish you a wonderful and relaxing holiday at the Chalet Bärghüsi!

Evening scene with oven

Prices of chalet Bärghüsi

Price list
Price category first floor only entire apartment
  maximum of 3 persons, or 2 adults and 2 children 6 to no more than 12 persons


July 1st to October 20th

basic rate: 120.— per day (840.— per week)
surcharge for single rooms on the first floor
20.— per person, 15.— per child
180.- per day (1260.- per week)

Peak season

December 20th to March 10th

basic rate: 140.— per day (980.— per week)
surcharge for single rooms on the first floor
20.— per person, 15.— per child
200.— per day (1400.— per week)

Between seasons

during the rest of the year

basic rate: 120.— per day (840.— per week)
surcharge for single rooms on the first floor
20.— per person, 15.— per child
170.— per day (1190.— per week)


two nights 300.— 400.—

Visitor’s tax

Adults 2.20, kids from 6-16 years 0.60 (per night)

Bed linen

15.— per bed (entire holiday)

Washing machine

2.— per load

Final cleaning

75.— 120.—

Additional charges

Additional charges for electricity, water and wood are included!

All prices are in Swiss francs.

Documents for downloading

The following documents can be downloaded as PDFs:

Evening scene

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